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For years Chiropractors' and Physicians' alike have been preaching the benefits of Epsom salts and Dead Sea Salts in the treatment of sore muscles, strained muscles, sore feet, stress relief, and sleep aide.

NOW Body Healer Bath Salts would like you to experience their proprietary blend of Epsom, Dead Sea Salts, and Aromatherapy especially formulated with athletes and hard working people in mind. Click on a picture below to find out more!

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"For years I've recommended epsom bath salts for muscle aches"



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"I'm a nurse & at the end of a long day my feet hurt. I tried Feet Healer Bath Salts and my feet haven't felt better. Thanks!" - Lara - Austin, TX
"My Chiropractor recommended Epsom bath salts for my sore joints and now I  feel 10 times better!" - Jackson - Mesa, AZ
"After a long day Mind Healer Bath Salts help me relax and get the sleep I need" - Mary - Long Beach, CA



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